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Foster Homes Needed!!


S.O.S.! Someone got their sayings mixed up it was suppose to be "April Showers bring May Flowers" but all we have in May is FLOODING! Both our DFW & Houston fosters are dealing with rising flood water. Both dogs and humans are currently miserable. The water, the mud, and the smell of wet fluffy dogs is all a bit overwhelming. AND in North Texas we are dealing with snakes looking for dry ground and the weather man says to keep our umbrellas handy for a bit longer still!

We would love a donation of lumber to build some walkways through our main property to get us out of the worst of the mud.

In other news, the fleas are taking steroids! We can hear their tiny laughs mocking us with every squirt of the flea spray. The poor dogs only have one hope! It's called NexGuard, and it is a LIFE SAVER. But it costs us around $15 for each pill. That adds up quick.

If you could help us out with any or all of these things the dogs would be happy to return your kindness in kisses(or more likely at this moment muddy paw prints) We happily accept tax deductible donations via Paypal to Lonestarpyrsandpaws@yahoo.com , or if you prefer to send a donation through the mail our address is:
Lone Star Pyrs & Paws
P.O. Box 128
Merit TX 75458

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