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Foster Homes Needed!!

What's Going on at LSSP

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Well, May's rain turned into June breezes which have turned into July HEAT! Everyone is hoping that August will bring the temperature down a bit. We know, wishful thinking. Air Conditioning vents are prime sleeping locations, and many of our dogs can be found lounging in their wading pools. The humans are trying their best to stay cool too.

Through generous donations, and a really great deal, LSPP purchased a new-to-us Mini Van! We have already used it to make a run to Missouri to pick up some very exciting donated items!! More on that trip in the weeks to come.

Please check out our Wish List for ideas of what we could use to help the dogs.

As some of you know LSPP is a rescue ambassador for Purina's Pro Plan Rally to Rescue. Please take time and check out both Purina Pro Plan Food & the Rally to Rescue Facebook pages, If you click on their logos at the top of the page, a new window/tab will open up!

If you could help us out with any or all of our Wish List items, the dogs would be happy to return your kindness in kisses! We happily accept tax deductible donations via Paypal to Lonestarpyrsandpaws@yahoo.com , or if you prefer to send a donation through the mail our address is:
Lone Star Pyrs & Paws
P.O. Box 128
Merit TX 75458